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Just a quick story about us and how we got into this digital business: 
We met in a network marketing company back in 2007, fell in love with each other and 2 years later, we got married, no kids yet, just a cat so far ;) 
We’re both from the Philippines.  Roxanne migrated to Canada in 2004 and Dave was sponsored by his late mother in 1996.  When we met, both of us have this dream in retiring early, travel the world, and earn while we sleep.   
Dave promised to help retire Roxanne’s parents.  We saw how hard they worked all their lives especially to bring us to Canada in hopes of a better future.  In return, we want to give back and spoil them.  However working for many years now, we realized having a job won’t do that alone.   
Dave currently works as a Sales Consultant while Roxanne works in Finance.  But throughout these years, we’ve done several things such as network marketing, blogging, affiliates, ad agency, buying and selling cars/houses, mystery shopping, cleaning, etc. so we could earn extra income, save more, pay off all our debts, travel and live the life we always wanted. 
We invested our time, efforts, and money in building a business.  We’ve experienced successes and failures over time.  We’ve won company’s trips where we got free vacation to a 5-Diamond and 5-Star Resorts.  We became leaders in the company.  But those companies didn’t last, they shut down, didn’t pay and left us heart broken.   
It wasn’t long then that we went back to a traditional network marketing to try again because we know we cannot depend on our jobs.  But deep in our hearts, we’re tired of chasing our friends and families and beg them to see what we have to offer.   
After years of experiences, ups and downs, we learned our lessons and we now have a criteria in choosing the right business.  We said to ourselves, there’s got to be a different way where we operate a legitimate digital business all over the world and we work with amazing people who have the same dreams like we do. 
Truly after searching for quite some time, we found great leaders we can trust and a reliable digital business where normal people are winning. Young and old alike, with no experience or tech savvy, are making extra income from their homes and most of them quit their jobs already.  Plus we don’t have to bug our friends and families to join us.  We love it!  
We are thrilled for you because we know you are in the right place at the right time.  You just have to be open and dream again just like us.  Don’t lose hope.  There’s always a divine reason why you’re here!  If you’re ready, we’re here to run with you!  See you on our free online workshop! 
Dave and Roxanne Obiso
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Dave & Roxanne Obiso